A Toni Easter Celebration

Chantae Muth posted this to the Toni Doll Fan Page group on Facebook: ” 🎵In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade………🎶 Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on its way! 🐰

Happy Easter Everyone!”

She likes to create these scenes to “bring the dolls to life. We love putting in as many details as possible.” Chantae and her mom work together to assemble the scenes.

She added, “Once we figured out which direction to go in with which props to use it was fun setting up the little vignettes.” Her advice to others is “There is no right and there is no wrong as long you are having fun putting your display together it will be wonderful.” 

All photos courtesy of Chantae Muth


All the P-91 Toni Dolls

Jake Williams shared a lovely photo of his P-91 size dolls. Note the variety of hair colors that Toni had. He has them all nicely attired in colorful dresses in the style of the original doll.

In the next picture, you’ll see the girls a bit more fully. They just barely fit on his mantel. He had two more, but they were just sent off to another collector.

A Toni fan commented that they looked like 1950s schoolgirls with the hairstyle and dresses of that era. Of course, that’s the heyday of the Toni doll, the 1950s and 1960s.

Note the attention to detail with hair ribbons, socks, and shoes to match their outfits.

  • The pink and teal dress is original to Toni and Jake has that dress in all the Toni sizes.
  • The doll in the center is one-of-a-kind. Jake gave her a makeover to have an African American Toni for his collection. Ideal didn’t make any at that time, so last February, he had the idea to make one for Black History Month. We’ll have a separate post about this special doll.

Refreshing a Vintage Toni Dress

Toni doll collectors love finding a tagged Toni dress. These original dresses aren’t always in the best shape though after 50 or more years of languishing in sometimes less-than-ideal storage. If the original owner, a young child, played with the doll, the dress might have suffered spills and rough handling.

Glenda Henrickson shared her tips for restoring these dresses so they look good enough to display on a favorite Toni doll.

Steps to Restore a Toni Dress

First, clip any loose or dangling strings. Then soak in a basin with powdered Oxyclean. I soak overnight if needed. If still dirty, I put the dress in a clean batch of oxy with cool water for another soak.

Once it passes my approval, it gets rinsed gently 2 or 3 times with fresh water.

Hang to dry on a small hanger. Once dry I make any needed repairs with a needle and thread. Buttons, snaps, hems, etc. may need fixing.

Then press the dress and dress the doll.

Replacing Worn Out Elastic

Glenda added, “This dress didn’t need replaced elastic in the sleeves. If that comes up, I use stretchy clear beading thread on a needle to tighten the old elastic. In and out on the inside of the sleeve elastic and meet at the start, snugging the sleeve as you go to fit the doll’s arm. Then a few snug double knots and clip the threads.”

This works for panties or bloomers that need the elastic restored as well.