Who Will Buy This 95 Cent Toni Doll?

Here’s your chance to get a Toni doll, a P-90, for just 95 cents on eBay. There are just a few days left to put your bid in on this bargain!

toni on ebay for 95 cents from whitehouse_collectibles
A Toni doll on eBay for 95 cents from whitehouse_collectibles

She’s ready for a bit of a makeover. Looks like she’s had her bangs trimmed sometime in the past but still has plenty of luxurious hair to style however you like.

Someone gave her a painted lipstick update from her original look but it wouldn’t take much to correct that.

For 95 cents, I don’t think you should be too critical. Put in your bid! (Disclaimer: I don’t know this seller and receive no commission if they make a sale)

Here’s the description from the seller,

“This is an Ideal Toni doll that was made in the ’50s or before that has her original clothes. I added shoes and socks to complete her outfit.  Shoes and socks are not original.  It was given to a friend of mine by her grandmother who purchased it new and is no longer with us.  The open/close eyes work although a bit sticky.  The composite like material she’s made from is in good condition and the head is attached with a rubber band that is still holding its own.  The romper, red bloomers, socks, and shoes are all in very good condition as well as the face paint.”

I’ve not seen this dress before so don’t know if it has an Ideal tag or not. The seller, whitehouse_collectibles , didn’t specify that. It has the right elements to be from the 1950s or early 1960s.

I’d say that it’s a bargain, even if the price jumps to $10 or $20. The shoes and socks alone are worth more than 95 cents.


Toni’s Spring Bonnet

I mentioned Easter in my last post and my Toni doll started immediately badgering me for an Easter bonnet. Since I’d been intending to attempt some hat making, I told her that I’d try to make a spring bonnet. After all, Easter is still 6 weeks away.

Perhaps later, I can add some flowers to it and tell her it’s an Easter bonnet. Luckily, my husband just discarded two golf hats that he no longer wanted. I snatched them before they made it into the trash.

Here are the first steps in my millinery effort. I had in mind sort of a Jane Austen style of hat like you would see in Regency times. An online search turned up a great selection when I clicked for it to show images.


It looked like the light-colored straw hat that I was about to cut into would be just what I needed. I’m hoping that I can get 2 or 3 hats from it. Those might be in a different style though.


Once I had a piece cut from the larger hat, I tried it on my doll to see what needed adjusting. The brim was okay and framed her face well but it seems like I should have been more generous in cutting the part for the back.

By folding in the back part and stapling it, I achieved a reasonable shape. Then I stapled ribbon down from each side of the brim for tying under the doll’s chin. The staples don’t show much with the texture of the woven straw.


The band on the hat is what was there originally. I could glue on a pretty pink ribbon to match her dress and then for Easter add some flower clusters or a pretty bow. Instead of stapling, one could hot glue the ribbons used to tie under the chin. I get impatient and want immediate results, so just grabbed the stapler.

Toni doll in her Jane Austin style bonnet (tutorial)
Toni doll in her Jane Austen style bonnet

Toni and St. Patrick’s Day

I almost let St. Patrick’s Day slip by without a photo shoot for Toni. A quick look through her wardrobe confirmed that I didn’t have a green dress for her to wear. Since it was evening already, she had to make do with a green bow in her hair.

Here’s her quickie Paddy’s Day photo-op. Of course, she wasn’t happy with any of them. “The bow’s too big,” she complained. She didn’t think it went well with her pink dress and pinafore.

I felt that she should be grateful to get a feature on the March holiday without criticizing the details. I’m already marking my calendar for Easter so I’ll be better prepared.

If you have pictures of your doll in her Irish green outfit, come share it on the Toni Doll Fan Page on Facebook so we can all enjoy it.

Miss Curity Doll

I spotted on eBay a doll advertised as a Miss Curity Ideal Toni doll. The seller (lonestar33-6) mentions that she has the Ideal P-90 marking on her upper back and that she is wearing her original outfit with the Miss Curity label.


In searching further, I found through Newspapers.com some mentions of the Miss Curity doll in 1952 papers. This advertisement shows her as the enticement for a store in Kansas.

miss curity doll ad 1952 newspaper
The Atchison Daily Globe (Atchison, Kansas) 24 Sep 1952, Wed • Page 3

I found newspaper ads for various sizes from 7 inches to 14 inches. In one, it did call it an Ideal doll, but I didn’t find a mention of Toni. Some advertisements tell that she came with an instruction book and a first aid kit or some call it a nurse’s kit.

I wasn’t really sure that she was a Toni, but there was no question that she’s an Ideal doll. The seller was able to find evidence that the Miss Curity doll has a Toni body (page 211 of the Ideal Doll Book). Guess, I’d better get a copy for myself for future reference.

You can see more pictures of the Miss Curity doll on eBay.

Toni Meets the Rag Doll

Toni is a 1950s and 1960s girl. The hard vinyl body and the nylon hair were products fresh on the market at that time. Go back 50 or 100 years to 1900 or to 1850 and the dolls of that time were made of quite different things. There were china head dolls with cloth bodies for those who could afford them. For many little girls, their doll was homemade with love by their mother or grandmother. In that case, it might be a rag doll.

I have both a Toni doll and a rag doll. Despite being from different eras, they seemed to be close friends in just a short time.

My mother made the rag doll for me just 20 years ago. It’s made in the style of one that she had as a child in the 1930s. She tore strips of fabric to shape and tie into a doll. She fancied it up with a lace apron and cap.

These are really easy to make and Mom wrote out the directions for it and the stories about the one she had. You can read it here: How to Make a Prairie Doll from Rags.

Dolls at Monticello in Virginia
Antique dolls at Monticello in Virginia

Free Dress Patterns for Toni

Patricia Milligan has a blog called Doll and Craft Adventures. She said, “I just wanted to share a free pattern from my blog. It comes in two sizes which fit Toni P-90 and P-91. These patterns will fit other 14-14.5 in. and 16 in. dolls as well. You can get the free jumper dress patterns on the blog.

patricia Milligan's doll - blog with patterns
Go to Patricia Milligan’s DollandCraftAdventures blog for free patterns for these cute jumper dresses that fit a vintage Toni doll.

Check out her blog posts on

A Red Dress for Valentine’s Day

A Facebook group for dolls of the 50s and 60s asked for pictures of dolls wearing their Valentine’s outfits. I decided this red dress made by my mother (Gail Lee Martin) suited the occasion. The doll shown here is actually my sister’s Toni.

Of course, everyone loves chocolates and sweet words on this special day. Maybe the little guy on the right is an admirer of Toni’s and he brought the chocolates. If they were real, I’d eat them myself, but I’ll leave the paper ones for her.

I’ll post Toni’s photo to the group shortly. There’s quite a fashion show going on today. Before the next Valentine’s Day comes around, I need to make my own Toni a suitable dress so she won’t feel left out.

2 Our Dolls of the 50 s and 60 s Valentine outfits

Here’s the Facebook group for Dolls of the 50s and 60s in case you would like to join that one.