Toni Wrist Tags – Original or Not?

Perhaps you’ve spotted a Toni doll in an antique shop or for sale on eBay. Wonderful, it has a wrist tag! Don’t automatically assume that the wrist tag means it is an unplayed-with-doll or that the tag is the original that came with the doll.

One can purchase reproduction wrist tags on eBay. The seller clearly states that these are reproductions from original tags that he had. You’ll notice on the right-hand tag, that 70 have been sold.

ebay - toni doll wrist tag reproductions
You can buy reproduction wrist tags for Toni dolls on eBay.

Just be aware when you are buying a Toni doll, that a wrist tag may or may not indicate an all-original doll.

You can read more about the wrist tag on the seller’s item on ebay. The same seller has a reproduction leaflet. He notes that “This is a great reference item for your doll collection.”

1950’s Ideal TONI doll RARE Color Box LEAFLET


This listing is for an exact color REPRODUCTION of the original leaflet for the Ideal doll company’s Toni Walker doll.    It was included in some of the boxes with these dolls.    If you have these Ideal Toni dolls this is a good replacement for the original box insert.   This item is 1 page approximately 8x 10 inches in size and printed on quality acid-free paper.     The leaflet has NOT been completely graphically altered, as I have not had the time,— so it has the same minor flaws as my original leaflet.     My photo does not show the entire page, but you will receive the whole page.  This is a great reference item for your doll collection.


Toni’s Suffragette Costume

Many decades ago, women marched and demanded the right to vote. Known as suffragettes since they fought for women’s suffrage (voting rights), these were dedicated women who eventually achieved their goal.

Feminist_Suffrage_Parade_in_New_York_City,_1912 creative commons photo suffragettes
Women march for the vote in 1912. The white dresses were a unifying look. (creative commons photo)

My Toni doll has a variety of outfits from different eras but she didn’t have a suffragette costume. In the past two years, women have been on the march again to call attention to political issues that affect them. Some protesters dressed in suffragette costumes to participate and to call attention to how long women have had to struggle to achieve equality.

The other day as we disassembled a broken-down laundry cart, the texture of the bags inspired me to start to work. There’s nothing like free fabric that will be going to waste to get my mind into design mode.

toni suffragette costume creation
Cutting out pieces for creating the suffragette costume.

The fabric had a slight stiffness to it even after washing. Its weave gave it sort of a linen look. It should be just right and I had lots of it. That allows me to experiment with some variations on the look.

I’m setting this aside for the moment, but further down the road, I’ll finish the project. I’ll need to make her a sash from some satin material and get a small flag for her to carry.

Visiting the Queen

Long ago, I read Elswyth Thane’s novels of England in the Edwardian age. The descriptions of the house parties in the country manor houses, the gala dances in London, and being presented to the royal family stuck in my mind.

Today, my Toni doll has her presentation to the Queen. For the occasion, her silk dress is heavily embroidered with exquisite details of flowers and leaves in the palest of pinks.

toni doll in official presentation portrait for meeting the Queen
Toni’s official portrait for her presentation to the Queen. The tradition was to send the portrait to the newspaper, then the young lady was officially out in society.

There’s a hint of bare shoulder but the bodice is modestly high so certainly no cleavage revealed.

bodice of Toni's presentation dress
Details of the bodice on Toni doll’s silk dress.

Her hair is arranged Gibson girl style with an impressive plume curving gracefully to frame her face.

Toni and feather in her hair
She’s wearing a wrist corsage that was given to her by her beau for this occasion.

She carries a fan to cool herself while waiting a long time in line for her turn to be presented. None of the young ladies can sit down and risk wrinkling their perfect outfits.

Find Fashion Inspiration in Books and Graphics

Books like these can inspire your doll outfits. They are available from Amazon. Also, most public libraries have reference books showing clothing from different eras.

La Belle Epoque: Vintage Style Fashion Illustration JournalLa Belle Epoque: Vintage Style Fashion Illustration JournalLa Belle Epoque: Vintage Style Fashion Illustration JournalCostume in Context: The Edwardians and the First World WarCostume in Context: The Edwardians and the First World WarCostume in Context: The Edwardians and the First World WarBeauty and Hair Dressing of 1912Beauty and Hair Dressing of 1912Beauty and Hair Dressing of 1912

Assembling the Costume for the Doll

How did I make this outfit for Toni? The dress is a silk handkerchief that is draped around her body and pinned in back. I’m lucky to have the smallest Toni, as some of the larger ones wouldn’t be able to get a whole evening dress out of a single handkerchief.
The feather and miniature roses are from my stash of accessories. The plastic fan is a pin. I didn’t want to use the doll stand which would clamp in an unsightly way around her waist, so I covered it to serve as a pedestal that Toni could balance herself for her portrait.

Try an Elswyth Thane Historical Novel

If you want to sample some Elswyth Thane vintage fiction, Tryst is my very favorite one, but they are all keepers.

The Light Heart by Elswyth Thane / Duell, Sloan and Pearce Publisher (Hardcover) 1947The Light Heart by Elswyth Thane / Duell, Sloan and Pearce Publisher (Hardcover) 1947The Light Heart by Elswyth Thane / Duell, Sloan and Pearce Publisher (Hardcover) 1947Tryst by Elswyth ThaneTryst by Elswyth ThaneTryst by Elswyth ThaneThis Was Tomorrow by Elswyth ThaneThis Was Tomorrow by Elswyth ThaneThis Was Tomorrow by Elswyth Thane

Toni’s Easter Bonnet

A few weeks ago, I tried my hand at hat making. I cut up an old straw golf hat of my husband’s and came up with a basic bonnet suitable for the country-style dress my Toni doll had.

Now with Easter coming up fast, I reworked the hat for a smoother looking back. Yes, I used a glue gun for that. then I added some ribbons and lace to fancy it up a little more. Here she is, Toni doll in her revamped Easter bonnet.

I have a huge stash of lace and ribbon so I need to use it more with Toni’s outfits. Just this week, I found this batch of micro-spools with miniature rickrack and slim ribbons. It was just a dollar for the whole bunch. How could I resist?

Does your doll have a special outfit for Easter? Pose her prettily with some spring flowers or a bunny and share your photo in the Facebook group: Toni Doll’s Fan Club.

Buying Stuff for Toni

I find myself looking at things with an eye towards using it with my Toni doll. These caught my eye first because they were cheap. My mind churned over the possibilities.

For just $1, I could get a pack of those colorful hair bands. They are stretchy, so might make good bikini tops for her and I could get some stretchy fabric to make the bottoms. Or these could be a headband to wear with a jogging outfit. Of course, she doesn’t have a jogging outfit yet or any jogging shoes, so I’d have to figure those out.

shopping for toni doll

A few times I’ve used a wide rubber band to hold a scarf in place for a skirt. These would work for that too. I picked up a package with the pink, blue, purple, and red stretchy bands in it.

I’ll show the results in a later blog post.



Who Will Buy This 95 Cent Toni Doll?

Here’s your chance to get a Toni doll, a P-90, for just 95 cents on eBay. There are just a few days left to put your bid in on this bargain!

toni on ebay for 95 cents from whitehouse_collectibles
A Toni doll on eBay for 95 cents from whitehouse_collectibles

She’s ready for a bit of a makeover. Looks like she’s had her bangs trimmed sometime in the past but still has plenty of luxurious hair to style however you like.

Someone gave her a painted lipstick update from her original look but it wouldn’t take much to correct that.

For 95 cents, I don’t think you should be too critical. Put in your bid! (Disclaimer: I don’t know this seller and receive no commission if they make a sale)

Here’s the description from the seller,

“This is an Ideal Toni doll that was made in the ’50s or before that has her original clothes. I added shoes and socks to complete her outfit.  Shoes and socks are not original.  It was given to a friend of mine by her grandmother who purchased it new and is no longer with us.  The open/close eyes work although a bit sticky.  The composite like material she’s made from is in good condition and the head is attached with a rubber band that is still holding its own.  The romper, red bloomers, socks, and shoes are all in very good condition as well as the face paint.”

I’ve not seen this dress before so don’t know if it has an Ideal tag or not. The seller, whitehouse_collectibles , didn’t specify that. It has the right elements to be from the 1950s or early 1960s.

I’d say that it’s a bargain, even if the price jumps to $10 or $20. The shoes and socks alone are worth more than 95 cents.

Toni’s Spring Bonnet

I mentioned Easter in my last post and my Toni doll started immediately badgering me for an Easter bonnet. Since I’d been intending to attempt some hat making, I told her that I’d try to make a spring bonnet. After all, Easter is still 6 weeks away.

Perhaps later, I can add some flowers to it and tell her it’s an Easter bonnet. Luckily, my husband just discarded two golf hats that he no longer wanted. I snatched them before they made it into the trash.

Here are the first steps in my millinery effort. I had in mind sort of a Jane Austen style of hat like you would see in Regency times. An online search turned up a great selection when I clicked for it to show images.


It looked like the light-colored straw hat that I was about to cut into would be just what I needed. I’m hoping that I can get 2 or 3 hats from it. Those might be in a different style though.


Once I had a piece cut from the larger hat, I tried it on my doll to see what needed adjusting. The brim was okay and framed her face well but it seems like I should have been more generous in cutting the part for the back.

By folding in the back part and stapling it, I achieved a reasonable shape. Then I stapled ribbon down from each side of the brim for tying under the doll’s chin. The staples don’t show much with the texture of the woven straw.


The band on the hat is what was there originally. I could glue on a pretty pink ribbon to match her dress and then for Easter add some flower clusters or a pretty bow. Instead of stapling, one could hot glue the ribbons used to tie under the chin. I get impatient and want immediate results, so just grabbed the stapler.

Toni doll in her Jane Austin style bonnet (tutorial)
Toni doll in her Jane Austen style bonnet