Toni at Mardi Gras

“I’m going to a Mardi Gras golf cart parade,” I said. Toni’s eyes lit up and she asked what outfit she should wear for it. Oops, I hadn’t planned to take her along to watch the parade. It worried me a little what my neighbors in my retirement community might think if they saw me with a doll.

“How will we decorate our cart?” she asked. I explained that we were just spectators and would not be part of the parade. That gave me the idea that if anyone commented on my doll, I could just say she was part of my Mardi Gras decorations.

I started looking in her wardrobe for something purple. Aha, the purple sequin dress was perfect. She had never worn it and I’d almost given it away. It was an American Girl doll outfit and too big for Toni. In my opinion, it was also too gaudy, but it looked perfect for the occasion.

Toni and her Mardi Gras outfit

It was a cool day, so I wore a jacket but she didn’t want anything to cover up her purple sequined dress. I explained to her that purple and gold were traditional Mardi Gras colors and at the parade they would toss strings of beads out to the watchers. I found a few that I’d saved from last year. They completed her outfit nicely.

Decorated Golf Carts in the Mardi Gras Parade

For more pictures of decorated golf carts and tips on how to dress up a golf cart for Mardi Gras, check out my page where I put all the pictures from several years of these parades.

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Toni’s Red Lace Dress

My Toni doll likes to dress up for holidays. Valentine’s Day sneaked up on us, so I didn’t have an outfit for her to wear with red or pink or hearts. I could see that this seriously distressed her. It was time to go to work to see what I could concoct.

I rummaged out a red nylon half-slip with lace trim. The elastic was worn out and I can’t remember the last time I wore a half-slip. Mostly, I’m wearing shorts these days in Florida. So this slip was perfect to convert to a Valentine’s Day dress.

First attempt at a red lace dress for Toni

My dressmaking consists of arranging fabric on Toni to see what suits. The slip had a slit at the side so that looked like a natural for an evening gown (see above photo).

So far, we are still in the design stage. I need to start cutting off the excess fabric, then hemming, adding fasteners, etc. to complete the gown. After that she gets a photo shoot with some props, but first I have to go help my spouse with a project he’s working on. Toni might have to make do with this prototype for now.

Toni’s Hats

Today is National Hat Day. The last few days, we were hunting for better storage solutions for Toni’s hat collection. The girl is a bit of a fashionista and has accumulated quite a few hats. Since this was a special day, we rounded up all her hats to store in one place.

Here’s a sampling but that’s not all of them.

I rummaged in my closet to find a belt hanger that didn’t work for me. It made a good rack for some of the hats. Then I remembered a zippered case that a set of sheets came in. It was clear on the top so you can see the hats inside easily. Even with those two storage solutions, there were hats left over.

Storing the hats for Toni doll.
More of Toni’s hats.

Don’t tell Toni that I said this, but I think she’s getting a little carried away with the hat obsession.