Toni’s New Hats

WhooHoo, I found some new hats for Toni and at a very reasonable price. They are actually miniature hats for photo ops for babies or cute dogs, but why not for dolls as well.

Toni in her new pink hat.

The crown of the hats are not large enough to fit down over her head, so they sort of perch on top. This is shown on my Toni p-90. Each hat is glued to a hair clip so it easily clips to her hair at whatever angle you think most attractive.

The colors are soft pink, deep rose pink, black, dark blue, scarlet, and deep purple. That should suit a lot of outfits in her wardrobe with a matching color or as a contrasting accent color.

Each hat has some netting, feathers, and a flower. I experimented with turning up the brim on one hat, just on one side. It changed the look a little and I could glue it in place to keep it like that.

 Mini Hat, Decorative Hair Clips (6 Colors, 3.2 in, 6-Pack)Mini Hat, Decorative Hair Clips (6 Colors, 3.2 in, 6-Pack)


Toni’s Q & A: P-93 Dresses

Why is it so hard to find clothes and accessories for Ideal Toni doll P93? Did they make very many dolls of this size? Do you know when, perhaps in the early 50s?

Janice K—-a

This is a good question, Janice. The P-93 is next to the largest of the Toni dolls at 21 inches. When I see the doll on eBay, the seller often mentions that the P-93 is rare.

One place to find dresses to suit the P-93 is on Etsy which has exquisite dressmakers like Little Red Hen. This talented dressmaker showcases her creations for several sizes of Toni dolls.

For 21 P-93 Ideal Toni Doll  One of a Kind Blue image 2
A P-93 Toni models a dress made by Little Red Hen. (available on Etsy)

Another site to find this size dress for a Toni is Joann Morgan’s website, Haute Couture for Collectible Dolls. She has offered a wide selection of dolls, doll clothing and other doll-related products and services since 1981.

I’m sure there are some mommy-made dresses out there for this size of Toni but often the dresses and dolls are sold as a package deal. You can look for these on Etsy and also eBay. At the time of this post, I only see twelve of the P-93 Toni dolls listed on ebay. For comparison, there are over 100 of the P-90 Toni dolls listed. There are a number of vintage patterns shown there, so maybe taking up sewing would be the way to go.

Remember, you can save your search terms and eBay will obligingly send you updates where there is a new listing. I also invite you to join the Toni Doll Fan Page on Facebook. You’ll enjoy discussing Toni dolls and their history with the members of the group.

Toni and the Leprechaun

It’s the day for the “wearing of the green.” When we were in school, we made sure to wear something green on St Patrick’s Day so the other kids wouldn’t pinch us. I told my Toni doll about that and she said she wasn’t worried about being pinched. That’s one of the advantages of being a hard-plastic doll. Just the same, she wanted a special outfit for the day.

I had some ribbons with Irish designs and slogans that were leftover from a party a few years ago. We did a photo shoot with a garden banner I had.

Toni with her shamrock hair bow.

I’d concocted a skirt from a multi-colored green scarf that I had. The ribbons turned into a wide sash like beauty queens wear. For the bodice of her outfit, I liked the plain white top trimmed in lace (actually it is a slip that she received for Christmas). Lace is very Irish, though I’m sure this lace wasn’t handmade in the Emerald Isle.

Toni’s outfit for St Patrick’s Day.

“Would you like to meet a leprechaun?” I asked her. She wasn’t sure what that might be, so I explained that they were creatures like the Christmas gnome that she met. That sounded agreeable to her but it surprised her that the leprechaun was as tall as she was. Most of that was just hat though.

Toni and the leprechaun.

She said that she was glad that he didn’t try to kiss her. I guess she was worried by the “kiss me, I’m Irish” slogan on her ribbons.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone!