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My friends shared their memories of dolls from their childhood years.

Mickie Gee profile image   Mickie Goad – “I used to make clothes for my doll. I would spend hours using scraps of material to make all sorts of costumes for pretend play with that doll. Probably the most unusual was the time my friend and I made our Barbies into Nuns. We had just seen the movie ‘The Nun’s Story’ with Audrey Hepburn.”

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Lee Hansen from Vermont – “Your posts brought back so many wonderful sewing memories. I started making doll clothes as a wee tyke (like the cuties in your vintage poster art) and continued through making clothes for my little girls and their dolls, teaching them to sew as well, and more recently making matching outfits for my granddaughters and their dolls. “

Please add your stories about your Toni doll in the comments section.

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A Is for Annabelle

Tasha Tudor’s Classic Picture Book

Who can resist Tasha Tudor’s lovely illustrations? This ABC book starts with Annabelle, the antique doll, and goes on to show her bonnet, cape, and wonderful clothes and accessories.

I loved this book when I was a child. The idea of a doll having her own trunk and accessories like bonnets, fans, and gloves really intrigued me back in the late 1950s. Everyone was getting those ballerina dolls, but I wanted an old-fashioned doll just like Annabelle. My mother must have liked it too, as she sewed up a wardrobe from scraps to transform my sister’s Toni doll into one like Annabelle.

Treat your little one to A Is for Annabelle and start them on the path to enjoying and treasuring things from the past.


The photo above shows a display in my living room back in the 1970s. There’s Toni in her silky, flowered dress. It’s one that Annabelle from the Tasha Tudor would have looked just fine in. On the Toni doll’s head is a straw hat that I found for her in Colonial Williamsburg. She’s wearing a shawl of pink embroidered silk (actually, it’s a silk handkerchief folded in half).

Here’s a trunk for your doll’s clothing

Annabelle had a vintage trunk to keep her lovely dresses in. I thought it was marvelous. You can find vintage-style trunks, either humpback or square at places like Michaels or on Amazon. For actual vintage doll trunks, your best bet is Etsy or eBay. Check at yard sales as well but that can take a long time to find the right thing.


The trunks shown here are from Etsy. The curved-top trunk is posted to Etsy by Malleencoin and you can read more about the red doll trunk there. The other trunk is a wardrobe style trunk as it has drawers and a place to hang the doll dresses. It is available from OldTrunksDotCom on Etsy.  Either one would make a great place to store my Toni doll’s clothes.

Amazon carries books about Tasha Tudor’s interesting life. She dressed herself and her children in clothing styles from a previous century. They lived a lifestyle that New Englanders of long ago lived. This provided the inspiration for her painting and her books.

Playing With Dolls Card

Playing With Dolls Card
by tnmpastperfect


This is the first post for the April A to Z Blog Challenge. Please return for B Is for Ballerina, C Is for a Cone Princess Hat (a craft tutorial), and the rest of the alphabet.