Toni’s Spring Bonnet

I mentioned Easter in my last post and my Toni doll started immediately badgering me for an Easter bonnet. Since I’d been intending to attempt some hat making, I told her that I’d try to make a spring bonnet. After all, Easter is still 6 weeks away.

Perhaps later, I can add some flowers to it and tell her it’s an Easter bonnet. Luckily, my husband just discarded two golf hats that he no longer wanted. I snatched them before they made it into the trash.

Here are the first steps in my millinery effort. I had in mind sort of a Jane Austen style of hat like you would see in Regency times. An online search turned up a great selection when I clicked for it to show images.


It looked like the light-colored straw hat that I was about to cut into would be just what I needed. I’m hoping that I can get 2 or 3 hats from it. Those might be in a different style though.


Once I had a piece cut from the larger hat, I tried it on my doll to see what needed adjusting. The brim was okay and framed her face well but it seems like I should have been more generous in cutting the part for the back.

By folding in the back part and stapling it, I achieved a reasonable shape. Then I stapled ribbon down from each side of the brim for tying under the doll’s chin. The staples don’t show much with the texture of the woven straw.


The band on the hat is what was there originally. I could glue on a pretty pink ribbon to match her dress and then for Easter add some flower clusters or a pretty bow. Instead of stapling, one could hot glue the ribbons used to tie under the chin. I get impatient and want immediate results, so just grabbed the stapler.

Toni doll in her Jane Austin style bonnet (tutorial)
Toni doll in her Jane Austen style bonnet