Toni – Cook’s Helper

After helping Toni put on her pink dress we tried to decide what her costume would be for today. I mentioned that we needed to hurry as I was going to make pumpkin spice muffins. “I’ll help,” she said. “Oh Oh,” I thought.

I got out the doll stand to keep her out of the way on the kitchen counter. She doesn’t like it much, but didn’t make a fuss. The last thing I needed was for her to fall off the kitchen counter while I was stirring and measuring.

She put an apron on, but we didn’t have a chef’s hat for her. Oh well …

I puzzled over how she could help without getting too messy, so I put her in charge of the spices. Hunting around, I found a miniature version of a mixing bowl and a Toni-sized mixing spoon.

“Your sleeves are going to get in the muffin batter, so let me tie them up,” I said. She launched right away into her complaint, “this dress is too big for me.” I reminded her that it was a gift from her cousin, Belinda, who lives in Missouri now. Since Belinda is the next size larger in Toni dolls, naturally the hand-me-down dress was a little big.

So, I mixed the batter up in my regular-sized mixing bowl and then put a small amount into Toni’s bowl. She was happy about having her very own bowl and spoon and having control of the spices.

When we put the batter into the muffin cups, we put her batter in a pink paper liner. I’m happy to say, they turned out quite tasty.