Y is for Yesterday

Yesterday was Christmas Day and I shouldn’t be surprised that we felt a little letdown today. The magical time that comes around every December was almost over. The day after the holiday we make a big pot of turkey soup. Toni didn’t help with that as she was busy trying on her new outfits.

“They are all too big,” she fussed. I reminded her that since they were American Girl outfits, we knew they would be too loose on her. She still wanted to wear one of the outfits, so I adjusted it with pins as a temporary solution. It was a rainbow-colored pair of bell bottom pants and a halter top. Since it was a chill 53 degrees today in Florida, I figured she would need a sweater with that soon.

Toni in her colorful bell bottom slacks.

Then Toni remembered her Christmas wish list. “Santa forgot to bring me shoes,” she said in a wistful voice. I told her that Santa knew that I was making her some shoes, so that’s why he didn’t bring any. Before she could start thinking of the other things she didn’t get, I had an inspiration to distract her.

“Let’s make some hangers for your new clothes,” I said, “we don’t have enough.” She was puzzled about how we could make hangers. Some of hers are wire hangers and some are plastic ones. I brought out a cardboard box, a marking pen, and a plastic hanger to use for drawing around.

Making cardboard hangers for Toni’s dresses.

I had to do the cutting since the cardboard was very stiff. They worked OK (one side was plain and the other side was teal).

That project didn’t last long, so she returned to the topic of her new dresses. “When will you fix these so they will fit me?” she wanted to know. She added that the pins were sticking her. I told her that I’d gotten a new miniature sewing machine that fit in my hand but first I needed to learn to use it. That was one of my Christmas presents for myself.

Handheld sewing machine that I got from Amazon

I suggested that she show her Teddy Bear friends her new outfit. My hope was they would settle down together under the tree and I could have some quiet time to read the instructions for the cute little sewing machine.

Products Mentioned Today

Someone asked that I add links for products mentioned in the blog. Since I’m an Amazon affiliate, I’m glad to make your shopping easy. Just click on a picture below to see the product and read the reviews.

Toni – Sleepy Time Gal

I started out trying to come up with a pandemic costume for Toni to wear. She balked at the idea of being a large roll of toilet paper. Oh well, how about an ordinary dress, a face mask, and a sign saying I HATE 2020? She thought that sounded blah.

OK, my next suggestion was a costume of Toni working at home in her pajamas with uncombed hair. “How will people know that it’s a pandemic themed costume?” she asked.

By that time, I’d already hustled her into her pajamas, but her question stalled my plans. I gave up entirely on the pandemic idea, gave her a pillow, and said, “pretend to be sleeping.”

Lights dimmed and Toni ready for bed.

After I finished the photos, I suggested that she go back to her usual activities. “It’s 11 p.m.” she said, “so I might as well just go on to sleep.” I got her a cover and turned out the lights.

“One last thing,” she called after me, “tomorrow, start earlier on the costume so I can have a better one than this.”

Toni – pretending to sleep

Toni – Polar Bear

The October blog challenge suggested we interview someone for our blog. Toni said she was too shy to go on camera, so I had to settle for a simple question/answer format.

  • Me: “How did you develop an interest in wearing costumes?”
  • Toni: “I get tired of wearing little girl dresses all the time.”
  • Me: “So going back to the 1950s and 1960s is not a dream of yours?”
  • Toni: “No, I’m at least 60 years old, and a lot has happened in that time. I spent years stuck inside a box and now I want to experience life and different cultures, different eras.”

Movie Star?

I spotted a white fur jacket worn by a Toni on the Etsy site. Would that make a movie star costume suitable for the 1930s and 1940s? After hunting around on the Internet, I couldn’t pin down a specific photo that would be a good match. Both Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe appeared in white fur wraps, but not in short fur coats.

I found photos of Shirley Temple in a white full-length fur coat with a muff from the movie, Bright Eyes. That would be complex to recreate as there was a fur capelet, dangling fur accents, and a white Robin Hood style hat.

Polar Bear Costume?

Then I thought of a polar bear. This sweet Toni has platinum blonde hair. Give her some white tights and 2 bear-style ears and her costume is done. If you want to have a polar bear face mask, I found one that you can download online or use it to draw your own mask. The download is probable for a child-sized face, not a doll-sized one.


If you happen to be an animal rights activist, I’m not promoting that anyone go kill an animal right now to make their Toni doll a fur coat. If you are wanting to make a coat, there are faux fur available for crafts and sewing.

This particular fur is likely a domestic rabbit who ended up on someone’s dinner table in the 1950s and the fur repurposed. Actually, we raised rabbits when I was a child in 4-H and our rabbits won dozens of ribbons at the county and state fairs over the years. Feeding our family of eight, we had many a meal of roast rabbit, fried rabbit, etc. We never tried making anything with the fur though.