1915 Style Day Dress for Toni

yellow top skirt toni doll
The bodice of the 1915 style day dress for a Toni doll

This outfit makes use of the collar and one sleeve from an old golf shirt. The collar had a nice black border and I turned it down and crossed it in the front. Black-headed quilting pins serve as buttons. You could glue on beads for that or tiny buttons, but they are merely for decoration.

Most public libraries have books showing fashions over the decades. These that I found on Amazon focus more narrowly on the pre-WWI era.

Gimbel's Illustrated 1915 Fashion CatalogGimbel’s Illustrated 1915 Fashion CatalogView DetailsRussell's Standard Fashions 1915-1919Russell’s Standard Fashions 1915-1919View DetailsAltman's Spring and Summer Fashions Catalog, 1915Altman’s Spring and Summer Fashions Catalog, 1915View Details

The skirt is from the sleeve of the same golf shirt. Since it has a finished edge on the sleeve, it didn’t have to be hemmed. This turned out to have the look of a 1915 era outfit, but maybe the skirt should have been a little longer. You can see from the catalogs above that dresses are no longer sweeping the ground. Some show a bit of ankle.

No-Sew Tip: The waist is folded in so no need to stitch a waistband. You can pin the skirt in the back or finish it more nicely with some small snaps to hold it all in place.


yellow skirt toni doll
The skirt for the 1915 day dress for a doll (made from the sleeve of a golf shirt)


There are even patterns for dresses from this era, but unfortunately, they are for full-sized people not for doll-sized people.

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