Making a 1915 Style Suit

I’ve been learning about pre-WWI fashions as I study the life of my great-aunt. Below is a picture of her heading off to college with other women students. This inspired me to make a travel suit for my Toni doll.

Inspiration photo for making a 1915 outfit for a doll
The inspiration for a 1915 travel suit for a Toni doll. The woman by the pole is my great-aunt Bertha.

How I Made This 1915 Style Suit

First I bunched and pinned my available fabric on the doll to see how it would look. I used one sleeve of a golf shirt to form the long skirt. Slim silhouettes were in style in 1915. You can see my little sketch where  I’m trying to figure out whether to make the top with sleeves or as a capelet.



The other sleeve of the golf shirt was cut into pieces to make the back, front, and sleeves for the jacket. It ended up a little bulky, but I needed to allow room for her hands to slip through. The short jacket is typical of the era and the trim on the front mimics the Russian influence on fashion of that time.



The hat is cut down from a large straw hat and the feathers are vintage. Ladies wore quite extravagant feathers which actually decimated some bird populations until restrictions were put in place.


The waistband of her skirt is the trim on the sleeve of the golf shirt. That served as the accent stripes on the doll’s jacket too.

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