B Is For Ballerina

As I browsed the Etsy site for Toni dolls for sale, I spied this delightful one. The Etsy shop is called Angelfare and this 14-inch doll does indeed look angelic. I was caught by her sweet expression and silky platinum blonde hair that frames her face with waves and curls.

She is a P-90 model from Ideal. She is priced at $65 and you can buy her on Etsy.

toni p90 blonde ballerina angelfare
Blonde Toni doll with a wreath in her hair.

Here’s the description in the Etsy shop:

Tiny ballerina in a violet tutu with flowers at her waist and silver ballet slippers, so ready to dance into your heart. I made a flower wreath with trailing ribbons to match and complete her costume. Her platinum hair is bouffant and original. I restrung her and found her to be in great condition clean and without any odors.

The violet tutu has a sparkly bodice and a flower accent.

ballerina angelfare 5

When I inquired about the doll, the seller said she gave her and some other dolls “my spa treatment-hair washed, restyled, and body cleaned before I decided how to dress her.” She sent me a photo of the dolls getting their beauty salon makeovers. How fun.

angelfare toni doll beauty salon

The featured Toni doll was then dressed in a vintage costume and a wreath made for her and extra touches added to her slippers. ballerina angelfare 4

Because she is freshly restrung, she poses well. I’m sure this little ballerina will quickly find a new home.

(All photos provided by Angelfare and used with permission)