Inside Toni’s Head

Have you ever wondered what’s inside your Ideal Toni doll’s head? I never gave it much thought, but there’s no way to find out without taking the doll apart. Obviously, I would never do that to my own doll. I’m such a klutz that I’d never get her back together again.

toni doll head ebay
This doll head is for sale on eBay by treasuresonmain.

Here’s a peek inside Toni’s head. The eBay seller showed different angles for potential buyers to decide if this is the one for them.

It’s still a bit of a mystery to me, but you can click on each image to see it better. There obviously needs to be something in there to connect the head to the torso. The dolls are held together by strong bands of rubber that loops together the arms, legs, and head.

If you peer through the openings, you can see the backs of Toni’s eyes.  There also seems to be a black metal bar with 2 hooks on it. That must be for the rubber band to secure the head but allow it to turn.

Since this doll is without her wig, you also have a chance to examine the skull. That sounds so clinical. Maybe I should say scalp. Anyway, you can see where the glue held the hair on the doll.

Our thanks to treasuresonmain for a chance to see these usually hidden parts of Toni. If you are in need of a head for your doll, you know where to go.