L is for Look-Alike Toni Doll

A number of dolls appear for sale online that at first glance I’d say this one was a Toni doll. Surprise! There are some look-alike dolls out there. This charmer is one of them.

etsy angelfare unmarked doll
Looks like a Toni doll, but unmarked. Available on Etsy from the Angelfare shop.

She has that sweet face very much like all the Toni dolls I’ve seen and is jointed, made of hard plastic, and has hair very much like a real Toni. Her eyes open and close. What’s different? She has no marking saying Ideal P-90.

Here’s the description provided by the seller, Angelfare:

“Little 14” mystery doll, like Toni, Cindy Lou, Mary H, with human blonde wig, blue sleep eyes, newly strung and wearing an adorable pale green and white gingham dress and matching bloomers. Dress is accented with ruffled bottom, sheer sparkly sleeves, apron with lace trim. Her shoes are white vinyl originals. Her condition is NM, very clean and odor free, a real sweetie.”



Isn’t she a sweetie and wearing a really cute outfit too of ruffled gingham check, organza overskirt with lace edging, and pantaloons. Go to Etsy to see more pictures of this unmarked Toni look-alike doll.



One wonders if Ideal actually made dolls very like the Toni but marketed them in other ways so they did not have the Ideal markings on the head and back. It’s also possible that other toy makers produced very similar dolls hoping to catch some of the buyers that Ideal’s advertising was attracting.

I found an article about pre-Toni’s which are dolls that Ideal did a trial with before the Toni dolls came out. The article shows photos of two of these pre-Toni dolls and notes that they have a softer coloring and hair of mohair but the same bodies and same molded head. They were unmarked.

UPDATE on June 1, 2018: This sweet doll has gone to a new home and is no longer available on Etsy.