Toni Doll’s Christmas Outfit

I asked some friends who are Toni Doll collectors if their doll has a special Christmas dress to wear. While I wait for their answers, I’ll post some pictures of my own doll in various Christmas settings.

It was hard to choose the one I liked best so I’ll post them all here. First, I dressed her in a red skirt made from a scarf and a wooly vest. Red ribbons and a poinsettia flower completed the ensemble. She posed in front of a small Christmas tree decorated in glittering glass ornaments.

My next photo session featured some different backgrounds for her. Several wooden nutcrackers joined her for this photo shoot.

Then I decided she needed a picture session with Santa Claus. I had a wonderful Santa from the Polar Express story.

I’d love to see your photos of your Toni doll in her Christmas outfits. Join us on the Facebook group, and share your photos of your doll.