Can a Toni Doll Be Creepy?

Every now and then, someone will comment that they find dolls creepy. Here’s what my friend Soula said, “Is it just me, or do some dollies look really creepy – maybe I’ve seen too many horror movies! :)” My answer to her was, ” I have seen some doll faces that give me that feeling. The Toni dolls have a really sweet expression and reasonably natural features. I love them.”


It does distress me to see Toni dolls in poor condition with their hair matted and sticking out in all directions. To me, though, that’s not creepy, it’s just sad. It makes me want to adopt the poor dear and give her hair a wash and combing. Then, I’d make a new outfit for her to bring her back to her better days.

I did find one Frankenstein Toni doll on eBay. She disconcerted me with her non-Toni soft vinyl head attached to a Toni torso. The arms may just be discolored over the years or are from a different doll as well. The lack of clothes makes her a bit shocking at first glance, though she does possess socks and shoes.

frankenstein toni ebay wrong head
Possibly a mix-and-match doll made from part of other dolls.

Perhaps people who are uncomfortable with dolls are reacting to their unblinking direct gaze. She isn’t staring at you. Really, she isn’t.

Here’s what you can do about that if it bothers you so much: pose the doll with her head tilted so she is looking down or off to the side.