Toni – Queen of Hearts

Years ago, I made a costume for myself from 2 sheets of poster board and a black marker. I was the Ace of Spades. I wore black slacks and a black turtleneck and then I hung the poster board over my shoulders like a sandwich board. An easy and cheap costume.

Wanting an easy costume for Toni, I proposed the Queen of Hearts. She liked the idea and put on her red dress for the background layer. I prepared the playing card graphic to go over that. It was easy to find the Queen on the Internet, print it out, and attach it to some thick packing foam.

First problem, Toni said her short red dress with the polka dots was not queenly enough. “It looks like something Minnie Mouse would wear,” she complained. I made a mental note for a future costume with Minnie Mouse ears.

I pulled out a long gold scarf and told her that “cloth of gold” was reserved for royalty in the old days. We got her draped in that with the aid of a rubber band and some straight pins.

Next, she needed a crown, so I rummaged out the gold candy box paper that I’d used for her fairy wings. It was easy to cut out a standard crown shape and I found some stick-on jewels to fancy it up. Getting it to stand properly on her hair became an issue so we gave that up. I found a Barbie doll crown which was too small but we perched it on her head anyway. It had a heart on it.

Some white craft wire worked to put the Queen of Hearts playing card on her front and back. She didn’t feel that she needed that, but we did the photo anyway so my work wasn’t wasted.

Here’s the way the outfit finally ended up.

It seems that getting Toni and me in agreement on an outfit never is that simple.