Toni Goes to Disney

I knew I had some serious amends to make after 2 days of rejected costumes. We live just half an hour from the Disney theme parks in Florida, but can’t go right now due to rampant Covid cases this fall. The next best thing would be some armchair travel for Toni who has never been to the Magic Kingdom or any of the parks.

Snow White and one of the Seven Dwarves – photo by Virginia Allain

“Let’s fix your Minnie Mouse costume today, Toni,” I coaxed, “and then we can pretend to go to Disney World.” She still looked cross from yesterday’s fiasco, but did ask how the pretend part would work. I said that I’d tell her about Disney and show her pictures and we would imagine that she was there enjoying the magical place in person.

“You actually get to meet movie characters like Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Snow White there,” I told her. Rummaging around, I found some pictures that I’d taken of those. Then I worried that she might ask for a Mary Poppins costume and that would be a hard one to create.

Minnie Mouse topiary at Epcot – photo by Virginia Allain

She started getting into the spirit of things and willingly put on her red dress with the white polka dots. Next, I needed to make a big red bow for her head and figure out how to make some white gloves for her. The shoes, clunky yellow heels, would be a problem too.

  • Ears
  • Bow
  • Black nose & eyelashes
  • Polka dot dress
  • White gloves
  • Yellow High Heels

The bow wasn’t too hard. I used the white side of an Amazon padded plastic envelope to cut the bow from. At first Toni said it was too big, so I cut a smaller one. I used a chalk marker to make it red and left white dots. Toni thought the dots were too lopsided and irregular. “You are only going to wear the bow for 5 minutes,” I said, “so it doesn’t have to be perfect.” She agreed that it wouldn’t stay on for long, since “it was goofy looking.”

Toni and her Minnie Mouse dress and bow.

Luckily for me, she decided to skip wearing the white gloves since it was 91 degrees today in Florida. “Too hot for gloves,” she said.

“I won’t wear any clunky shoes either,” she added. Whew, another thing that I don’t have to concoct.

I cut out a small black circle (from some of the cheese tray scraps) and taped that to the end of her nose. Now to figure out some ears, but there wasn’t enough of the black cheese tray left for big Minnie ears. She said it was OK if they were smaller ears.

Toni in her Minnie Mouse outfit with ears.

I was glad to see that we were working in harmony today and I tried to be as obliging as I could. “The dress is wrinkled,” Toni complained, “you should iron it.” I told her not to worry as I’d use soft focus in the photos so the wrinkles wouldn’t show.

Toni doll in her Minnie Mouse costume.