Z is for ZZZ, Zoo, Zorro, Zither, …

For the A to Z Blog Challenge, I needed a topic for the letter Z (and that topic needed to relate to Toni dolls). Now that’s tough!

I considered going with ZZZ as Toni dolls have eyes that open and shut. Not too sure how much I could say about the eyes and sleeping. Not a whole blog post anyway.


A trip to the zoo

That would be fun, but the nearest zoo is an hour away. We’d also have to figure out what Toni would wear to the zoo. That part wasn’t hard. Her red dress with polka dots would be just right. She looks a bit like Little Orphan Annie in it.

Instead, she had a photo session with a very friendly koala bear. Maybe he’s being a little too friendly.

Z is for Zorro

Now that would be a fun project. I probably have some black fabric to make the dashing Zorro cape and to make the mask which would just tie behind the doll’s head.

The hat might be a problem. I checked all over Amazon for black doll hats. There were black cowboy hats, black berets, black bowlers and fedoras, and black top hats. Could I take a top hat and shorten the top without making a mess of it? Doubtful. Besides, the Zorro hat should have a wider brim. Here’s one that might work.

I’m guessing by the way it looks on this woman, that it is more appropriate for a doll in size. Toni, of course, would not have that much cleavage showing.

Z is for Zither

This one didn’t work out. A zither is a type of harp that you place on your lap to play. I looked for miniature zithers but had no luck. I did find musical instruments suitable for 18-inch dolls such as the American Girl dolls. These might be a little big for my 14-inch Toni doll but work fine for the taller ones.