V is a Valentine to Toni

I love all things vintage, so besides being a big fan of Toni dolls I also collect valentines. One of the valentines in my collection shows a girl and her doll.

valentine doll

That could be me and my dolly some sixty years ago. I had shoulder-length hair and big blue eyes, but I certainly wouldn’t have on lipstick at that age. My grandmother would have been annoyed if I picked all her roses to twine in my hair.

Virginia Martin - childhood photo
Here I am but unfortunately, the black-and-white photo doesn’t do justice to my blue eyes.

Looks like ruffles were stylish back then for little girls and their dolls. My mother probably made this dress for me. I vaguely remember the colors as pale pinks and yellows with the ruffle being pink.

I looked on Etsy and eBay for a blonde Toni doll similar to the one on the Valentine. This one seemed like a good match.

mitsu-dog seller - TONI P93 golden blond 1950s BIG doll w curlers eBay
Blonde Toni doll available from eBay seller Mitsu-Dog