Toni – Lady Liberty

It’s Day 7 of creating costumes for my Toni doll for Halloween. “How about something patriotic?” I asked. Toni immediately took to the idea of being the Statue of Liberty. “She’s green, you know,” I pointed out. “Are you willing for me to paint your face and arms green?” That was the end of that idea.

I started browsing for other versions of American liberty portrayed in vintage art. We both were quite taken with this one, but soon became bogged down trying to execute it. The helmet, sword, and shield presented a problem, not to mention the difficulty of creating an armored tunic.

Photo of Lady Liberty – courtesy of Pixabay

Then we looked at more recent artwork. There was a pin-up girl draped in a flag. I agreed that the sentiment of the graphic was appropriate for this year with the campaigns going on for the upcoming election. We had a flag and I could probably create the slippers with some paper and colored markers.

graphic courtesy of Pixabay

“Do you really want to show off that much cleavage and leg?” I asked. She pondered that, but persisted with the idea of draping in a flag. I didn’t mention the difficulties of posing for this since she isn’t a Toni Walker doll with flexible joints.

Then, I had the happy idea of using a face mask printed with a vintage flag. I couldn’t use it myself for the pandemic, as these kerchief kinds of face masks are the least safe according to a study that I saw.

Toni doll as Lady Liberty (photo by Virginia Allain)

I draped one ear loop of the mask across her shoulder, then wrapped the flag mask around to her back and pinned it. The hem had to be turned under a bit as it was too long.

We were both quite pleased with the result.

PS – Don’t forget to vote!