Toni – The Judge

In the news today was the current push to replace Justice Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, so it seemed a good day to assemble a judge costume for Toni. Actually, this Halloween will probably see many little girls dressed in outfits to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Would you like to be a judge?” I asked Toni.

“Could I have a gavel?” she responded. I had to hedge on that as I doubt that there’s anything around the house that’s gavel-shaped. Even less likely is that it would be an appropriate size for her.

Since Toni wasn’t up on current issues, I explained to her the importance to women of losing this champion for equality. It’s not just equality for females, but for all segments of our society. Toni thought that sounded like a noble costume and was all for it.

Toni as a Supreme Court justice.

The black robe wasn’t hard to arrange from a long black scarf that I had. It only needed pinning in 3 places. I rummaged in my stock of lace and ribbon to find the collar style favored by the Notorious RGB as her fans called her.

Toni in her Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume.

Unfortunately, my attempt to make glasses for her from some lightweight wire that I had was a flop. Toni’s ears aren’t really designed for eyeglass wearing. Maybe I could have drawn some on her face with eyebrow pencil.

I did pull her hair back more smoothly on her head than usual. To be correct, it should be dark brown.

“I feel very regal and important,” Toni said, “maybe I should go to law school.”

UPDATE: Since Toni was disappointed about the gavel and the glasses, I made another attempt at those. After searching the house high-and-low for a small hammer of any kind, I finally made a gavel from brown paper. For the glasses, I resorted to drawing them in with an eyebrow pencil. My hand isn’t too steady for this kind of work and it’s hard to draw on the curved surfaces of a face.

Those changes required a whole new photo shoot. We hunted around the house for backgrounds that might look like a courtroom or at least judicial. Finally, she was satisfied with the results and I left her to contemplate her future in the judiciary.