Toni – The Angel

“What am I supposed to be today?” Toni asked in a resigned voice. I paused in arranging the white fabric in a slim, floor-length gown. “You might be a calla lily,” I said. The material flared nicely at the top and in my mind, I could see the lily shape.

She said she wouldn’t mind being a flower fairy again. That reminded me that we still had her wings from that costume. I noticed that the back of the gold wings was white.

“How about an angel instead?” I asked. She was quite taken with that idea. I found some white craft wire to make her halo.

Toni as an angel.

To add some color and hold her gown in place, I turned a bracelet of amazonite stones into a belt for her. It had a tree of life design in silver. I had to look online to find out why it was called that. Apparently, they can be found in the Amazon jungles, but I got mine from It’s supposed to be good for stress, anxiety or nerves.

I skipped the shoes as I don’t think angels need those. Her only shoes are black and that just wouldn’t work with her white gown.

Another view of Toni’s angel costume.
Toni and her angel halo.