Q is for Queen

I couldn’t resist getting a crown made of lace that I saw on Amazon. Figuring that some day I would make a royal costume for Toni, it would complete the outfit. Unfortunately, Toni is now keeping an eye on the arriving packages. She wants to know what is in each of them.

When I opened the box, she spotted the pretty crown, and said, “that’s for me!” I admitted that it was for her but was meant for after Christmas. “I want it now. Please, please, please,” she begged. Grudgingly, I agreed that she could have the crown and a queen costume now. I’m such a pushover.

Toni – Queen of Christmas

Queen of Christmas – Toni in her crown.

I cheated on the queen costume and just made the same outfit that she had last year with the gold scarf and red ribbon.

Toni in her gold dress for Christmas.

Note: If you want a gold or silver crown for your Toni doll, I ordered this one from Amazon (Doll’s Crown). I’m an Amazon affiliate.

Toni – The Good Witch

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked Toni. I was hoping for some ideas to make her costume for today. “I want to be a witch like your 8th great-grandmother that you told me about,” she answered. I reminded her that Rebecca Nurse had been drowned at Salem. “Well,” Toni said, “I’ll be a good witch so no one will want to drown me.”

She already had a long black skirt, so I hunted up her lavender top with the hearts on it. That should show that she was a good witch. For a cape, I repurposed a velveteen gift bag and tied the drawstrings around her neck. It was short, but I assured her that was better for when she was flying around on her broomstick.

Oops, I should not have mentioned that as all the brooms in the house were too big for her. The little whisk broom didn’t have a handle. Oh, my, what to do?

Then she spotted the purple duster in the utility closet. “That will do fine, and it coordinates with my blouse,” she remarked. I wonder if she thinks that lever is for starting the engine (it actually is for attaching it to a long pole).

Then we made her witch’s hat. Two black plastic cheese trays saved from the recycling bin were just what we needed. Black felt would have worked too, but I didn’t have any. I drew a big circle using a cereal bowl for the pattern and a cup for the inner circle. The second cheese tray I twisted into a cone shape and cut off the excess at the bottom, leaving a little excess to cut into tabs. Those were bent and taped to the underside of the hat.

“A cat!” Toni exclaimed, “I have to have a black cat.” I tried drawing a Halloween style black cat on the left-over part of the cheese tray. She thought it wasn’t good enough. Then I remembers a black and white furry cat that I had. It was just the right size.

I combed her hair out in a free-flowing style so it would look like she had just returned from a night ride on her feather duster, oops… broomstick. She declared herself quite satisfied with her good witch costume.

PS – if you want to make a witch’s hat, there are great tutorials for doll-sized ones and people-sized ones on YouTube.

If you’d like to read more about my 8th great-grandmother I have a blog post about her or you can check Wikipedia for Rebecca Nurse.

Toni doll in her witches hat (made from a plastic cheese tray).

Toni – Sleepy Time Gal

I started out trying to come up with a pandemic costume for Toni to wear. She balked at the idea of being a large roll of toilet paper. Oh well, how about an ordinary dress, a face mask, and a sign saying I HATE 2020? She thought that sounded blah.

OK, my next suggestion was a costume of Toni working at home in her pajamas with uncombed hair. “How will people know that it’s a pandemic themed costume?” she asked.

By that time, I’d already hustled her into her pajamas, but her question stalled my plans. I gave up entirely on the pandemic idea, gave her a pillow, and said, “pretend to be sleeping.”

Lights dimmed and Toni ready for bed.

After I finished the photos, I suggested that she go back to her usual activities. “It’s 11 p.m.” she said, “so I might as well just go on to sleep.” I got her a cover and turned out the lights.

“One last thing,” she called after me, “tomorrow, start earlier on the costume so I can have a better one than this.”

Toni – pretending to sleep