Toni – The Peacock

I told Toni that I wanted to create a peacock costume today. Right away, she reminded me that she was to be a princess after the scary plague doctor outfit yesterday. “This will be even better than a princess,” I promised.

We had a look at a peacock picture I had which convinced her it would be a flattering outfit. I’d taken the picture at Gatorland a few years back.

A peacock photo by Virginia Allain.

I pulled out the silk scarf patterned in rich tones of greens and blues. Fortunately, it met with her approval. It draped well to form a long flowing tail.

Toni doll with peacock feather.
Toni in peacock costume.

Rummaging around, I found a peacock feather pin that I used to wear for my Scottish dancing. She liked that as an accessory. Then I added a vintage looking necklace of green beads and a jeweled dragonfly pin.

“Don’t move while I take the picture or everything will fall off,” I warned her.

Toni as a Persian princess.

I told her that the fan and jewelry make her look like a Persian princess. She was quite taken with the idea of being both a peacock and a princess at the same time.

Come back tomorrow to see what Toni’s costume will be. I can’t give you any hints as I have no idea myself.