Toni – Flower Fairy

Some time back, I discovered the delightful flower fairy illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker. Born in the late 1800s near London, she had poor health but taught herself to draw and paint. At age 16, her first works were published.

 Flower Fairies of the SummerFlower Fairies of the Summer Flower Fairies of the WinterFlower Fairies of the Winter Flower Fairies of the SpringFlower Fairies of the Spring Flower Fairies of the AutumnFlower Fairies of the Autumn


Today, Toni gets to be a flower fairy. I decided to go with the general look of the fairies but not to try to match any one exactly. The artist painted fairies to match specific flowers like the Buttercup Fairy or the Crocus Fairy.

What I had for creating the costume was a child’s headband with a large pink flower on it. To go with that, I cut some wings for her from pretty gold paper that I’d saved from a box of chocolates. The necklace is a Barbie doll tiara repurposed for this costume. So, Toni’s costume today is the Dahlia Fairy.

The Dahlia Fairy

It took some persuasion to convince Toni to give up the Persian Princess costume (also called the Peacock Costume). She even slept in it. I think it was the idea of getting wings that convinced her to give the new outfit a try.

I took some glamor shots for her scrapbook using different backgrounds and shadings. She was pleased with them.

One thing really disappointed her though. The wings didn’t work and she was not able to fly. I guess I oversold the costume or didn’t explain it properly.