A is for Ads

I joined a blog challenge for December that will inspire me to write every day. The overall theme for my blog posts this month is Toni’s A to Z Christmas Countdown. Each day, Toni takes on a different activity relating to Christmas. She’s going to be a busy doll. My part of this is taking photos and writing about her activities.

Christmas 1950 - Toni Doll advertisementChristmas 1950 – Toni Doll advertisement Fri, Dec 1, 1950 – Page 5 · The Terre Haute Star (Terre Haute, Indiana) · Newspapers.com

While researching in Newspapers.com for family history news items, it occurred to me that I should check for any news items about Toni dolls. What I found were Christmas advertisements that I showed to my Toni. She found them fascinating.

I asked if she remembered getting her hair shampooed and curled like it showed in the ad. She searched her memory, but finally admitted, “that was 70 years ago, and I really don’t remember.”

I’ve seen some Toni dolls on eBay that have their original dress like the one featured in the advertisement. After hunting around online, I found one to show Toni. I thought the colors of the dress might jog her memory.

this-old-doll is the eBay seller for this Toni in her original blue-striped dress.

“Nope,” she said, “I don’t remember having a dress like that.” Since they sold Toni dolls with different outfits, it’s possible my Toni did not have this particular one.

After seeing the doll on eBay, Toni said, “I want some shoes like that.” I told her we would add it to her Christmas list to send to Santa.