Toni – Sailor Girl

My Toni doll loves to dress up for special occasions. I’m collecting ideas now for her Halloween costume. Every day this month I’ll post a different outfit and some tips on making them. Then on October 31st, we’ll see which one she chooses.

Today’s featured costume is a jaunty sailor dress and cap that I found on eBay. Below are some tips for making your own if you want to go that route.

Sailor Outfit

This sailor outfit is available on eBay from seller wildangel195850
  • To make the sailor hat, I found a pattern online that you can print out. It is for making a Doll’s Beret and it lists various dolls that it will fit. Fortunately, Toni is one of them.
  • I looked around on Etsy for white pleated material. It’s a lot of material and you only need enough for one small doll. My second thought was to make a paper pleated skirt. Remember how you used to fold paper to make a fan. Same principle. (NOTE: Use a marker and ruler to put the 2 red lines on the paper BEFORE you pleat it.)
Folded paper to make a pleated skirt.
  • The jacket looks a little complicated for my sewing skills or lack of sewing skills.
  • You need some white braid or ribbon for the trim. Also some small white buttons.
  • I hunted around and you can download a Toni doll jacket pattern from Etsy. Figuring out how to add the sailor collar is up to you.

That’s it for today. Come back tomorrow to see what costume Toni is wearing then.