Toni – Back to 1910

“What’s my costume today,” asked Toni. My answer was short and a little brusque, “I have no idea.” I was draping around her a silk scarf with a pretty blue and white windowpane design. So far, no ideas were coming to me. I could tell from the look on her face that this was unwelcome news.

I found a blue ribbon to tie in her hair. It was a pretty good match for the dress. “You are going to be The Lady in Blue,” I told her. She didn’t know who that was and since I’d just made it up, I had no details to give her.

I dredged in my mind for something to tell her. “This style with the slimmer skirt was popular in 1910,” I said. It was a fashion era that appealed to me. No hoop skirts or bustles to work into the outfit.

I’d spent 10 minutes scrubbing her face to remove the botched eyeglasses from yesterday’s costume. Then I had to restore her eyebrows. Now, she’s going with the Brooke Shield’s look. I didn’t mention the resemblance as I didn’t want to have to explain who that was.

The Lady in Blue