Her Grandmother’s Toni Doll

Kristen contacted me to tell me about the Toni doll she has. “My grandmother gifted this doll to me when I decided to go to college for fashion. She said this doll gave her so much hope and inspiration and she hoped it would do the same for me. Unfortunately, as much as I love the doll and the meaning behind it, I feel like it deserves to go to a good home, to be shown off, and to be loved just as much as she loved it growing up.”

IMG_5110 (002)

This was my grandmother’s first and favorite doll. She was so excited when she received it as a birthday present because it looked just like her as a little girl. She made sure to take very good care of the doll because she had never received a gift so precious. She received many beautiful outfits for her Toni doll, some made by her mother. The outfits include a Band Majorette, a gorgeous blue coat with matching bonnet, as well as various floral dresses. She even has roller skates– which were hard to photograph but they are cute!

toni clothes 6
This is one of the most adorable mommy-made costumes that I’ve seen. The hat and dress adorned with sequins and the little baton must have been a delight to the little girl receiving this majorette costume for her Toni doll.

Ultimately, this Toni doll owner would do best to post her doll on eBay to reach the widest audience. I offered to feature it here to get her started. Her doll and the outfits are adorable, but I’m not personally a collector. I have my doll that I love and am quite satisfied with just having one at this point. Doll collectors, on the other hand, very happily acquire more and more dolls to have one of each type or a better example than what they already have.

The vintage outfits are delightful. I see on eBay individual outfits for Toni priced at $10 to $30 each for older ones (without a doll). Of course, the condition of the clothing and uniqueness affects the pricing. Dressmakers creating new dresses for Toni dolls often charge around $30 each.

Slideshow of Her Toni Doll Outfits

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Anyone interested in the doll can contact kristin.borchardt@yahoo.com. She would like $275 for the doll and outfits. Her hope is that the doll will go to someone who “will value it and take care of it.”

More Pictures of the Doll

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Who Will Buy This 95 Cent Toni Doll?

Here’s your chance to get a Toni doll, a P-90, for just 95 cents on eBay. There are just a few days left to put your bid in on this bargain!

toni on ebay for 95 cents from whitehouse_collectibles
A Toni doll on eBay for 95 cents from whitehouse_collectibles

She’s ready for a bit of a makeover. Looks like she’s had her bangs trimmed sometime in the past but still has plenty of luxurious hair to style however you like.

Someone gave her a painted lipstick update from her original look but it wouldn’t take much to correct that.

For 95 cents, I don’t think you should be too critical. Put in your bid! (Disclaimer: I don’t know this seller and receive no commission if they make a sale)

Here’s the description from the seller,

“This is an Ideal Toni doll that was made in the ’50s or before that has her original clothes. I added shoes and socks to complete her outfit.  Shoes and socks are not original.  It was given to a friend of mine by her grandmother who purchased it new and is no longer with us.  The open/close eyes work although a bit sticky.  The composite like material she’s made from is in good condition and the head is attached with a rubber band that is still holding its own.  The romper, red bloomers, socks, and shoes are all in very good condition as well as the face paint.”

I’ve not seen this dress before so don’t know if it has an Ideal tag or not. The seller, whitehouse_collectibles , didn’t specify that. It has the right elements to be from the 1950s or early 1960s.

I’d say that it’s a bargain, even if the price jumps to $10 or $20. The shoes and socks alone are worth more than 95 cents.

M is for More Sweet Toni Dolls

KaysVintageFavorites etsy
Blonde Toni doll in a red dress.

The sweet expression on this Toni doll’s face captured my attention. She is available for purchase on Etsy from KaysVintageFavorites.

Here’s the description, “Lovely 1950’s Ideal P-93 Toni doll. … Made of hard plastic & measures 20″ tall. Sleep eyes & full head of blonde hair for play. Comes in a red pique dress with matching undies (may be original), shoes & socks. Beautiful face coloring. Great for your collection, display or gentle play.”  (I had to look up the description of pique fabric and it is knit or woven with fine ribbing.)

SassyGrannyVintage etsy
Pretty Toni doll in a long pink dress.

This one is pretty in a soft pink dress with tiny flower accents. and lace. She’s a P-91. I wonder what talented dressmaker made this dress for her. She is for sale on Etsy from SassyGrannyVintage.

CCandGDolls etsy
Brunette Ideal Toni doll in a blue-striped dress and lacy pinafore.

What a charmer this doll is in her blue and white striped dress, all fresh and crisp. She is available on Etsy from CCandGDolls. She even has matching blue shoes.

For more information and pictures of each of these sweet Toni dolls, follow the link to Etsy.