Does Your Toni Doll Smell?

The question comes up occasionally of what to do when a hard plastic doll has an odor? It can be a tough one to solve and some doll owners fear they may have to just toss the doll out.

doll bath pixabay
This doll isn’t a Toni, but Pixabay only had one picture of a doll in a tub.

To save a Toni doll that has a vomit smell to it, first try some old-home-remedies.

  • Put the doll in a closed container or bag with baking soda
  • Put the doll outdoors in full sunlight to try to remove the odor.
  • Put her in a light-weight pillowcase. Tie it closed, then cover it with good odor-contol cat litter in a sealed plastic bin for some weeks.
  • There’s an old remedy for smells that I found in a 1909 newspaper. Cut an onion into wedges and place it around where the odor is (in this case, the doll). I suggest trying this only if the other ideas don’t work first and you are about to toss the doll out. Will it make the hair take on an onion odor? I don’t know, but the article claimed that the onion took on the odors that you wanted removed.