F Is For Faces of Toni Dolls

Toni dolls have a basic look with a smooth oval face, dark lashes on blue-gray eyes that close, and red lips that make me think of Betty Boop. Yet somehow they each seem to have a different look. I can look at a photo and know whether it is my sister’s Toni or my own.

Even though they have about the same hair color, it’s obvious that these are two different dolls. The one on the left is my Toni doll named Sabrina and the one on the right is my sister’s named Belinda.

Perhaps it isn’t so much the features, as it is the hairstyle differences. Her doll has bangs and the rest of the hair is hidden by her hat. Mine still has her long hair but it is merely pinned back without any styling.

The amount of play also gives each doll a different look. My sister’s doll lost a set of lashes and both dolls have lost their painted eyebrows. My doll retains more of the painted blush on her cheeks.

Here’s another doll where you can see the features better. This one is for sale by FiddleDeeDooDah on Etsy. It looks like a real bargain at $35. You can read more about the doll here. This shows what the eyebrows looked like and the painted lash pattern below the eyes.

fiddledeedee toni face
Doll for sale on Etsy by Fiddledeedoodah.