Make a Sweater Dress for a Doll from a Sock

Repurpose a sock for this no-sew dress

This doll dress makes use of an orphan sock or one with a hole in the toe or heel. You’ll make use of the stretchy part of the sock that goes up the leg so it won’t matter if the foot has holes. I’ve used a white one, but other colors would look great too.

This sweater dress is actually a repurposed sock.

Decide the length of the sweater dress. The top of the sock will be the neck of the dress. Cut off the foot part of the sock. The tube part is what you’ll use for the dress.

Decide how much of the top to fold over for the collar of the sweater dress. Cut small slits (one on each side) for the doll’s arms to go through. Remember the sock stretches, so keep the slits small.

Fold the excess length up inside the dress (no need to sew a hem). You can glue the folded under part if you want. Add a bracelet for a belt for the dress.