Finding Toni Doll Clothes

A beautiful 1950s Toni doll. Source: American Beauty Dolls on Flickr – Used with permission

 Vintage Toni Doll Outfits from the 1950s

If you own a Toni doll from the 1950s, you’re probably looking for just the right clothes for her. The original outfits from that era are adorable. There were dresses, socks, shoes, underwear, and accessories. One can find the vintage patterns for making dresses for the Toni doll too.

I’ve featured a variety of eBay auctions and links to Etsy to help you find the perfect wardrobe for this antique doll made by the Ideal Toy Company. I don’t get a commission for showcasing these, the links are for your convenience.

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Find Hats for a Toni Doll

toni doll in green dress
This is my sister’s Toni doll with a dress made by our mother. The hat came from Colonial Williamsburg years later. (photo by Karen Kolavalli)

Be on the lookout wherever you go for possible doll hats. I found a delightful one in the weaving shop in Williamsburg VA. This was in the historic area of the Colonial capitol. The weaver demonstrated basket weaving for the tourists, but there was a counter where you could buy woven things, all from that era.

I was so thrilled to see a tiny, doll-sized hat that was just right for my Toni doll. That was years ago, so I don’t know if they still make those in Colonial Williamsburg.

Toni in Her Williamsburg Bonnet

I mentioned the straw hat that I found in Williamsburg. Here it is on the doll (her name is Belinda). The dress was made by my mother about 30 years ago. I think they go together quite well.

I prefer to dress Belinda in vintage fashions like the doll Annabelle in the Tasha Tudor book, A Is for Annabelle.

Searching eBay and Etsy for Hats

To find suitable hats for a Toni doll, search on eBay and also Etsy using the words “hats for dolls.” It doesn’t work well to put “Toni doll hats” as that brings up all the dolls who happen to be wearing hats. You can refine the search to “felt hats for dolls” or “knit hats for dolls.

sharon joan works hats designs by sharonjoanworks on Etsy
These are from SharonJoanWorks on Etsy.

Find Shoes for a Toni Doll on eBay

Some listings are for vintage Toni doll shoes and others are for new shoes. Read the auction description carefully. Just put the words “Toni doll shoes” in the search bar on eBay.

Toni Doll Shoes eBay Evernote Web

Original Outfits for Toni Dolls

Sometimes you’re lucky when you buy a Toni doll that it comes in the dress it originally had. They have a tag inside. Unfortunately, after 60 years the dress is usually a bit the worse for wear. Keep looking as there are some in pristine shape, but with a high price to go with it.

When I bought a Toni doll last year, she arrived in a dress from the eBay seller. It was a sad looking bridal gown which I immediately wanted to replace. I saved the dress but didn’t want to display her wearing something so shabby and worn. Keep an eye on eBay and Etsy for original dresses. Sometimes, they even come with their box and their wrist tag.

toni doll original outfit eBay

Patterns for Toni Doll Outfits on eBay and Etsy

Note the size of your doll before buying Toni doll patterns. Usually, the listing on eBay will give a size such as “for a 20″ doll” or “for an 18″ doll.” Sometimes it gives the doll’s number rather than the size in inches. Look for the P-90 or other marking on the doll’s neck and the back.

An 18″ American Girl doll pattern is for a more stocky body than a Toni doll has. Patterns for Revlon or Betsy McCall are a match for the Toni doll. Here’s the link for doll clothes patterns on Etsy.

etsy toni doll wedding dress pattern


Will You Make Clothes for the Toni Doll?

Some people are handy and like creating their own doll clothes. Others like the convenience of buying clothes. Many collectors’ want only original outfits for their antique Toni doll. I surveyed my readers and here are the results.

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More Places to Find Clothes for a Vintage Toni Doll

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E Is for Evening Gown for a Toni Doll

Usually, a Toni doll wears little girl dresses that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Picture in your mind, Shirley Temple with her short, gathered skirts and a Peter Pan collar and puffed short sleeves.

Now and then, you’ll find a Toni doll in more sophisticated attire. These are one-of-a-kind outfits created most likely on a Singer sewing machine by a devoted and creative mother.

I found a few examples of these on eBay this week.

Toni in Tulle Evening Dress with Black Velvet Trim

Here’s the description of the dress, “She wears a wonderful long, gold lame and black tulle evening gown with puff sleeves and black velvet trim and fitted waist, attached long black tulle, ruffled petticoat and matching black tulle shawl.” The seller has the doll and dress posted on eBay. Read more about it.

Blonde Toni Doll in White Lacy Dress

This white dress with tiers of ruffles could be a prom dress for Toni. There’s a lacy ruffle around the neck and embroidered flowers on the bodice and midway down the full skirt. For more about this Toni doll and her sweet evening dress, go to the eBay listing.

Dark-Haired Toni Wearing a Red Evening Dress

She is wearing a glamorous red taffeta and netting gown. It is well made with ruffles around the edge, a rose at her waist and she comes with replacement vinyl black tie shoes. Note the accents across the top of the bodice. There are lots more pictures with the eBay auction posted by Donna’s Toys and Collectibles.

Strawberry Blonde Toni in a Peach Formal Dress

The seller on eBay describes the doll and her formal dress, “She wears a beautifully made outfit consisting of a peach satin gown with a crepe bodice inset, has a lined bodice and front panel, is trimmed in sewn-on tiny white pearls, a matching double layered petticoat and panties, a pearl matching trimmed stole, ivory side button shoes. Her white jersey (stitched on at wrist) gloves and pearl necklace & earrings and lovely pearl & sequin hat complete her outfit. A beautiful doll in a very beautiful outfit.”

Aren’t these delightful!

NOTE: I present these as interesting examples of Toni dolls in evening dresses. I do not earn a commission from eBay for featuring these.