Toni and the Leprechaun

It’s the day for the “wearing of the green.” When we were in school, we made sure to wear something green on St Patrick’s Day so the other kids wouldn’t pinch us. I told my Toni doll about that and she said she wasn’t worried about being pinched. That’s one of the advantages of being a hard-plastic doll. Just the same, she wanted a special outfit for the day.

I had some ribbons with Irish designs and slogans that were leftover from a party a few years ago. We did a photo shoot with a garden banner I had.

Toni with her shamrock hair bow.

I’d concocted a skirt from a multi-colored green scarf that I had. The ribbons turned into a wide sash like beauty queens wear. For the bodice of her outfit, I liked the plain white top trimmed in lace (actually it is a slip that she received for Christmas). Lace is very Irish, though I’m sure this lace wasn’t handmade in the Emerald Isle.

Toni’s outfit for St Patrick’s Day.

“Would you like to meet a leprechaun?” I asked her. She wasn’t sure what that might be, so I explained that they were creatures like the Christmas gnome that she met. That sounded agreeable to her but it surprised her that the leprechaun was as tall as she was. Most of that was just hat though.

Toni and the leprechaun.

She said that she was glad that he didn’t try to kiss her. I guess she was worried by the “kiss me, I’m Irish” slogan on her ribbons.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Q is for Queen

I couldn’t resist getting a crown made of lace that I saw on Amazon. Figuring that some day I would make a royal costume for Toni, it would complete the outfit. Unfortunately, Toni is now keeping an eye on the arriving packages. She wants to know what is in each of them.

When I opened the box, she spotted the pretty crown, and said, “that’s for me!” I admitted that it was for her but was meant for after Christmas. “I want it now. Please, please, please,” she begged. Grudgingly, I agreed that she could have the crown and a queen costume now. I’m such a pushover.

Toni – Queen of Christmas

Queen of Christmas – Toni in her crown.

I cheated on the queen costume and just made the same outfit that she had last year with the gold scarf and red ribbon.

Toni in her gold dress for Christmas.

Note: If you want a gold or silver crown for your Toni doll, I ordered this one from Amazon (Doll’s Crown). I’m an Amazon affiliate.

Toni’s Sari – Part II

In the earlier post, I showed examples of saris and created the base part for her outfit. Today, we’ll complete her Indian outfit. The whole costume is no-sew.

Which scarf will she choose?

Silk or Nylon Scarf?

Sari fabric comes in many colors and patterns. Silk is the best for this doll’s outfit as it drapes beautifully. Nylon scarves just don’t wrap in the same way.

Actually, long silk scarves can be quite expensive. If you don’t have one on hand, use rayon or nylon. They don’t drape quite as well as silk but are certainly more affordable for making the doll saree.

You can find them sometimes at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Look around at yard sales too for the right kind of scarf.

Since I had many scarves to accessorize my suits when I was a librarian, I found plenty in my own closet. Since the scarf is not cut or damaged in making the doll’s sari outfit, you can use one for the doll and later return it to the closet for wearing.

Videos Showing How to Wear a Sari

Step-by-step explanation on how to drape a sari

Wrapping the Sari on the Toni Doll

I’m using a silky scarf for the sari. Look for one with a smaller print or gold threads running through it.

  1. Start in the front and tuck the sari into the waist of the petticoat. Continue around the back of the doll. The bottom of the sari should touch the floor.
  2. When you get to the front again, fold the material in accordian pleats. The top of the pleats is tucked into the waistband. If it doesn’t want to stay in place, you can resort to safety pins. In several of the videos, the ladies pin their saris.
  3. Take the loose end of the scarf and drape it from the hip up across the chest and over the shoulder. It should hang down about to the knees in back.
Toni wearing her sari.