Toni’s Tuxedo

I ordered a batch of boy doll’s clothing so my Toni doll could have some slacks. Of course, the American Girl and Boy dolls are stockier and taller than my P-90 Toni. That means I needed to adjust them to fit her.

Here’s one outfit that came in the batch of clothes. It’s supposed to be a tuxedo, but I saw potential to convert the three pieces of the outfit into other looks.

As you can see, the slacks are too long and loose. The sleeves to the jacket reach well past her fingertips, so it was of no use unless I worked some magic on it.

Using the Shirt

The sleeveless shirt was long enough that my doll could wear it as a dress. Granted, it is more mini-skirt length sort of like the mini-dress that Jean Shrimpton made famous back in the 1960s. All it would need is some taking in of the seams on each side to create the A-line.

Converting the Slacks

The slacks would require taking in the inseam and shortening the legs. That sounded like a lot of work, so I opted for a totally different look as you can see below.

Toni in black outfit.

The loose-fitting pants got a quite different look when pulled up above her bust. I left the pants legs as-is for a harem pants look. I could put elastic in the hem to emphasize that. The black lace goes over her shoulders and down each side of the harem pants.

I haven’t decided yet what to do with the black jacket. I’ll leave that for another day. If you have a larger Toni doll, the outfits might work without having to remake them. Here’s where I got them (Amazon). There were 6 outfits in the batch.

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