Q is for Queen

I couldn’t resist getting a crown made of lace that I saw on Amazon. Figuring that some day I would make a royal costume for Toni, it would complete the outfit. Unfortunately, Toni is now keeping an eye on the arriving packages. She wants to know what is in each of them.

When I opened the box, she spotted the pretty crown, and said, “that’s for me!” I admitted that it was for her but was meant for after Christmas. “I want it now. Please, please, please,” she begged. Grudgingly, I agreed that she could have the crown and a queen costume now. I’m such a pushover.

Toni – Queen of Christmas

Queen of Christmas – Toni in her crown.

I cheated on the queen costume and just made the same outfit that she had last year with the gold scarf and red ribbon.

Toni in her gold dress for Christmas.

Note: If you want a gold or silver crown for your Toni doll, I ordered this one from Amazon (Doll’s Crown). I’m an Amazon affiliate.

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