Toni – The Good Witch

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked Toni. I was hoping for some ideas to make her costume for today. “I want to be a witch like your 8th great-grandmother that you told me about,” she answered. I reminded her that Rebecca Nurse had been drowned at Salem. “Well,” Toni said, “I’ll be a good witch so no one will want to drown me.”

She already had a long black skirt, so I hunted up her lavender top with the hearts on it. That should show that she was a good witch. For a cape, I repurposed a velveteen gift bag and tied the drawstrings around her neck. It was short, but I assured her that was better for when she was flying around on her broomstick.

Oops, I should not have mentioned that as all the brooms in the house were too big for her. The little whisk broom didn’t have a handle. Oh, my, what to do?

Then she spotted the purple duster in the utility closet. “That will do fine, and it coordinates with my blouse,” she remarked. I wonder if she thinks that lever is for starting the engine (it actually is for attaching it to a long pole).

Then we made her witch’s hat. Two black plastic cheese trays saved from the recycling bin were just what we needed. Black felt would have worked too, but I didn’t have any. I drew a big circle using a cereal bowl for the pattern and a cup for the inner circle. The second cheese tray I twisted into a cone shape and cut off the excess at the bottom, leaving a little excess to cut into tabs. Those were bent and taped to the underside of the hat.

“A cat!” Toni exclaimed, “I have to have a black cat.” I tried drawing a Halloween style black cat on the left-over part of the cheese tray. She thought it wasn’t good enough. Then I remembers a black and white furry cat that I had. It was just the right size.

I combed her hair out in a free-flowing style so it would look like she had just returned from a night ride on her feather duster, oops… broomstick. She declared herself quite satisfied with her good witch costume.

PS – if you want to make a witch’s hat, there are great tutorials for doll-sized ones and people-sized ones on YouTube.

If you’d like to read more about my 8th great-grandmother I have a blog post about her or you can check Wikipedia for Rebecca Nurse.

Toni doll in her witches hat (made from a plastic cheese tray).

5 thoughts on “Toni – The Good Witch

  1. Yay, a good witch! Of course, as I’m sure you know, Rebecca Nurse probably wasn’t a witch at all – that Salem business was mostly about some old white men who didn’t like some women coming into property – so they drummed up a way to take it away from them. Terrible thing, really. Very cool to know you are actually related to one of the victims.


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