Toni – Sleepy Time Gal

I started out trying to come up with a pandemic costume for Toni to wear. She balked at the idea of being a large roll of toilet paper. Oh well, how about an ordinary dress, a face mask, and a sign saying I HATE 2020? She thought that sounded blah.

OK, my next suggestion was a costume of Toni working at home in her pajamas with uncombed hair. “How will people know that it’s a pandemic themed costume?” she asked.

By that time, I’d already hustled her into her pajamas, but her question stalled my plans. I gave up entirely on the pandemic idea, gave her a pillow, and said, “pretend to be sleeping.”

Lights dimmed and Toni ready for bed.

After I finished the photos, I suggested that she go back to her usual activities. “It’s 11 p.m.” she said, “so I might as well just go on to sleep.” I got her a cover and turned out the lights.

“One last thing,” she called after me, “tomorrow, start earlier on the costume so I can have a better one than this.”

Toni – pretending to sleep

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