Toni – Polar Bear

The October blog challenge suggested we interview someone for our blog. Toni said she was too shy to go on camera, so I had to settle for a simple question/answer format.

  • Me: “How did you develop an interest in wearing costumes?”
  • Toni: “I get tired of wearing little girl dresses all the time.”
  • Me: “So going back to the 1950s and 1960s is not a dream of yours?”
  • Toni: “No, I’m at least 60 years old, and a lot has happened in that time. I spent years stuck inside a box and now I want to experience life and different cultures, different eras.”

Movie Star?

I spotted a white fur jacket worn by a Toni on the Etsy site. Would that make a movie star costume suitable for the 1930s and 1940s? After hunting around on the Internet, I couldn’t pin down a specific photo that would be a good match. Both Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe appeared in white fur wraps, but not in short fur coats.

I found photos of Shirley Temple in a white full-length fur coat with a muff from the movie, Bright Eyes. That would be complex to recreate as there was a fur capelet, dangling fur accents, and a white Robin Hood style hat.

Polar Bear Costume?

Then I thought of a polar bear. This sweet Toni has platinum blonde hair. Give her some white tights and 2 bear-style ears and her costume is done. If you want to have a polar bear face mask, I found one that you can download online or use it to draw your own mask. The download is probable for a child-sized face, not a doll-sized one.


If you happen to be an animal rights activist, I’m not promoting that anyone go kill an animal right now to make their Toni doll a fur coat. If you are wanting to make a coat, there are faux fur available for crafts and sewing.

This particular fur is likely a domestic rabbit who ended up on someone’s dinner table in the 1950s and the fur repurposed. Actually, we raised rabbits when I was a child in 4-H and our rabbits won dozens of ribbons at the county and state fairs over the years. Feeding our family of eight, we had many a meal of roast rabbit, fried rabbit, etc. We never tried making anything with the fur though.

9 thoughts on “Toni – Polar Bear

  1. That’s a great costume idea for that pretty coat. It does seem very Hollywood though, I’m surprised there weren’t some stars wearing one. For some reason I have a picture in my head of Elizabeth Taylor in a white fur jacket, but she would have been later.


  2. It is all about the glitz and glamour! LOL

    When it comes to fashion and remembering what people worn, I have no clue! I would never have considered a ‘long jacket’ vs. a short one. Thanks for at least pointing that out – I will be on the lookout with the cooler temperatures coming in these days.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Martha DeMeo

    OMG I loved your interview with Toni! I was actually thinking of doing a video interview with Lia my 2 year old Ggranddaughter 🤣 We raised rabbits and our girls showed them on 4H also! Thanks for the memories as well has a great blog.


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