Toni – the Nurse

If you want costume ideas for your doll, you came to the right place. I’m featuring vintage Toni dolls from the 1960s in a variety of outfits during October 2020.

Today, Toni is wearing a nurse costume.

Slide the center post to see either picture.

I love the simplicity of this nurse outfit. As far as I know, Toni dolls were never sold with such a costume.

Here’s the description from the seller vom. You can see the doll on eBay (I am not a seller and receive no commission for featuring this).

This is a vintage nice looking Ideal Toni P-91 nurse doll. She shows normal/minor wear and measures about 15 inches. The dress, apron, underwear, and hat all look fine. The dress is still sewn onto the body. The socks and shoes do not look original here. Her green eyes open and close just fine. She would grace any vintage Toni collection out there.

eBay seller – vom

I think this would be a fairly easy outfit to make for your Toni doll. It’s a plain white dress with no ruffles or tricky sewing to do. On the apron, you need to draw in the red cross outline and the words NURSE. If you use a marker or Sharpie for this, test it first on some scrap fabric to be sure it doesn’t bleed.

The cap has the same design on it. If you go to the eBay listing, there are more photos of the cap and dress from the back.

If you want to go fancier, you could make a waist-length navy-blue cape to go with this.

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