Toni’s Bad Hair Day

It shouldn’t surprise us that some Toni dolls are a mess after generations of being played with and possibly decades of being stuffed into a box. After all, if a little girl has access to scissors, chances are she will attempt a hair cut on her dolly. It’s pretty amazing that so many Toni dolls look so good after fifty or sixty years have passed.

Browsing around on eBay, I noted a number of dolls having bad hair days. Sometimes an alert collector can spot a super bargain and snap up a Toni that merely needs a shampoo and a little TLC.

Here are some hair “styles” recently seen on eBay. I’m not intending to shame any of the sellers. I’m sure they are busy people and may not have time to give the doll a spa day before listing it for sale. If you wish to find the doll on eBay to buy it, the seller’s name will help you find it.

The three dolls on the left still have long hair so a shampoo and light comb-out might be all that they need. The one in the purple dress seems to have her hair well-back from her forehead though. Perhaps she had bangs at one time and those are gone.

Two of the dolls on the right have suffered from haircuts but still might look fine after the application of some shampoo and conditioner.

The most unfortunate of the dolls is the blond in the middle who seems to have been scalped. I predict that a complete wig replacement is needed to set her right.

One thought on “Toni’s Bad Hair Day

  1. Awe poor little girls. Hope someone rescued! I have washed my daughters Cabbage Patch dolls with much success. They looked pretty new when I finished! I even washed her My Little Ponies and made their mane feel all good again. The granddaughters were thrilled with them.


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