Rescuing a Toni Doll

A seller on eBay (janney52tells how a Toni doll rescue happened:

“This doll was sold to me with terrible face problems. I have an extra Toni head so I planned to change the head. When she arrived I found out she was a walker doll, not a strung Toni doll. The insides of the heads are different. So I decided to color match her face paint and it turned out nice. I added one eyebrow and added a new rubber band in the head.

Her hair and dress have been washed.  Also curled her wig. I’m glad I was able to save her. So my investment is $55 for the doll and shipping. $14 for color matched paint. A nice Ideal dress – can’t remember the cost, new panties $1 and shoes. I worked 2 days on and off on Miss Toni.

Also fixed the eyes. The weight didn’t get pushed further to the left. You have to get it far enough forward so it doesn’t catch on the rubber band. That’s why so many walkers have messed up eyes. The eye weight catches the rubber band.

rescue Toni with her fresh dress
This rescued Toni looks a lot happier with her freshly painted face, her dress washed, and hair curled.

So I have 3 sizes of walker dolls at one time. The paint color, beautiful blonde wigs, different eyes. They are very similar. I was even able to use the same paint on the P93 and P92 walkers.

I always Oxyclean the doll clothes. I started to boil the water and add the Oxyclean. I drop the doll clothes in the hot Oxyclean water. Sometimes it’s clean in minutes. No more having sinks full of doll clothes soaking for 2 days.

This Toni doll deserves a new Mama and home. I hope someone will consider my rescue doll. Thank you.”

See all the pictures of this rescued Toni doll on eBay.

5 thoughts on “Rescuing a Toni Doll

  1. Great job in the face. I’ve seen some repainted Barbies online but I’d be afraid to tackle. Love to see one done in person to really see. How do you make the new painted face look so professional?? Great hint on boiling the water and adding the oxi to it: will have to try. I have my old Madam Akexander baby and need to do something with her short hair. It’s so coarse feeling now and one of her legs has turned almost white? Could I repaint the leg?


  2. Joan Humphreys-Kaaihue

    What you have done is very nice but as a collector I rather have her brought back to her originality. Only my opinion but when you take away from the original look of a doll you are taking away it’s history. She wants to be remembered the way she looked back then (so do I) and not someone else. Would these previous owners recognize her? Not that it matters, unless your looking for how much you can get for her. You know there is just something special that this doll means to me. Psychological I suppose. I still have mine from the 40s/50s and her clothes my Great Aunt Meg made for her. When you have that special toy from your own childhood that was special and with you through all those adolescent years she becomes a sister you never had. (I had 2 brothers) I hope you know that you only need water to set her hair and it turns out wonderful. It might have been the only doll at that time that you could fix her hair so easily and it was fun. (who needs brothers) Does Barbie do that? I really don’t know. I think Barbie was made to replace Toni.


    1. I only have one doll (my Toni) so can’t call myself a collector. I do admire collectors and see that some enjoy posing their dolls in scenes and in different outfits. Others want their dolls perfectly original and untouched.


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