Make a Fascinator for a Doll

It’s time for the Kentucky Derby where ladies wear their most eye-catching hats. I quickly whipped up a net confection called “a fascinator” like those you see at the horse races in Kentucky or at the Ascot racecourse in England. It would work for attending a royal wedding as well.

To make this, I used bits and pieces that I had around the house including a mesh vegetable bag, part of a leather golf glove, and some small silk roses. For tools, all you need are a stapler and a pair of scissors.

My Toni doll in her fascinator.

Steps to Make a Doll Hat from Netting

Here’s how I made a hat called a fascinator.

  • I used a mesh bag such as oranges come in.
  • I arranged it to form a half-veil, then bunched the rest to create drama on top.
  • This was stapled to a small piece of leather (part of an old black leather golf glove).
  • The excess netting was cut off and some miniature roses tucked in.

You can find examples on Amazon to give you inspiration for making such a hat. Often they use feathers or ribbons. Just click on the picture below to see more examples on Amazon.

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