D Is for the Dog Ate My Toni Doll

I sometimes mention my Toni doll to women in their 60s and often their eyes will light up and they’ll tell me about their Toni doll from childhood. Most of them no longer have the doll in their possession. Growing up, moving, and other life events separate them from the doll they loved.

One of the saddest stories I’ve heard was a neighbor’s memory. She had saved her doll even into adulthood with the idea of giving it to her daughter. Unfortunately, the dog found the doll and chewed its leg off. I asked if she had saved the parts, but sadly, she had already tossed them out.

dog chewing on toy
Protect your doll from dogs who might chew on it.

Too bad that she didn’t know how easily one could replace the leg. There are usually several damaged dolls or parts of Toni dolls selling on eBay and you can find on Etsy, the strong rubber bands needed to restring the doll.

cathieledollhospital etsy toni bands restring
The bands used to restring a 14-inch Toni doll. These are sold by Cathieledollhospital on Etsy. The bands come with a diagram for restringing the doll.

When you check for doll parts on eBay, first search for the name of the doll. In this case, search for Toni doll. Next, set the search for lowest price which brings up odds and ends relating to these dolls and also brings up low-priced doll parts or damaged dolls whose parts can be salvaged. The doll shown below is missing one arm but can be bought on eBay. 

The most important part to check is the size of the doll to be sure it matches your own. Look on the back of the torso for the number. It will say P-90 or a similar number. Each number indicates a different size Toni doll, so it is important to get the right one when you are replacing a part.

Toni doll parts ebay

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